Meeting with Pauline Laurent and Flore Des Robert, founders of La Bonne Brosse

Hello Pauline, Flore, can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Pauline: Flore and I met 20 years ago during our studies at HEC and we then each followed somewhat parallel careers in major luxury and cosmetics groups. Me at L'Oréal and Puig, Flore at Estee Lauder.

Quite naturally, given the current challenges, we began to think together about the renewal of our industry and how to participate in it. How to commit to more sustainable beauty? We finally launched in January 2021 and the La Bonne Brosse entrepreneurial adventure began!

By creating La Bonne Brosse , we were keen to produce durable objects that teach us how to take care of our hair differently and by significantly reducing our daily consumption of cosmetics with sometimes questionable composition and pollutants of plastic origin for use. unique... Regular hair brushing is the “slow beauty” gesture par excellence since it can reduce the use of hair cosmetics by half!

The Good Brush

How did you come up with the idea of ​​designing good brushes for the hair?

Flore: I changed jobs in 2015 for a very exposed position, with a lot of travel, when I had given birth the previous year. I started losing my hair like never before. I was losing them by whole handfuls, to tears... I then realized that the subject was quite taboo and that I was far from alone. In France, 40% of women have had significant hair loss problems at some point in their lives (IFOP survey). Personally, I have tried everything: injections, tablets, blisters... Only Véronique Lamrani, hair and scalp expert, was able to make the right diagnosis and help me discover the best way to recover beautiful, sheathed and shiny hair. and an irrigated scalp: brushing. If I was skeptical at first, in just two weeks the first results showed. My hair was stronger, cleaner, and I started to see little hair growth again. And as always, I share all my difficulties with my friends, I spoke about it to Pauline.

Pauline: By talking to me about the virtues of brushing, Flore made me want to try it. Like her, I quickly became addicted and became interested in the hair market. My observation? Women know dozens of brands of shampoos, against almost none of hairbrushes, while 95% of them use a brush every day! So I took a closer look at the hairbrush market. Frankly, it's depressing. Everything is made in China, in plastic, of questionable quality... While it is an everyday object, intimate and important... The idea of ​​a brand universe, of a beautiful design object, as beautiful as good began to emerge. And over the course of our conversations, the project to create La Bonne Brosse, made in France, an extremely high-quality tool for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp, came to fruition.

Do you have any tips for people who want to give their hair a boost?

Pauline: Many people are unaware of it, or do not take it into account, but the scalp deserves the same care that we bring daily to the skin of our face and our body. A lasting, essential and conscious attention that we are wrong to neglect. Brushing being the best care we can give to our scalp and hair. On the contrary, when it is neglected, signs of discomfort appear: unreasonable production of sebum, dandruff, hair loss...

The best option to avoid these hassles? Take up the golden rule of our grandmothers who brushed their scalp for a long time, at least once a day. Why ? Quite simply because this gesture of hygiene is the only way to revive its blood microcirculation but also to rid it of pollution particles as well as residues of hair formulas. Impurities which, in the long run, suffocate it and deprive us, in turn, of the material we all dream of. Thanks to brushing, you take control of your hair, you drastically reduce your cosmetic use and you do yourself a world of good!... As well as the planet: 3 minutes of brushing a day is a reduction of up to 50% her use of hair products.

Brushing your hair daily is the guarantee of: a healthy scalp, controlled sebum production, shinier lengths, strong and sheathed fiber, and finally (especially!) a moment of reconnection to self. You still need the right tool...

The Good Brush 2

What can you tell us about the link between stress, emotions and hair?

Pauline: The scalp is one of the areas of our body most exposed and receptive to stress and attacks from our environment. Dandruff, itching… But sometimes also more serious problems such as alopecia, psoriasis, are all manifestations that are still poorly accompanied and which often have multiple causes that are environmental, hormonal and also emotional.

"Cut your hair in four, make your hair white..." Even in our popular expressions, hair and emotional manifestations are intimately linked. This is why brushing has this essential double virtue for us: at the same time, it restores the scalp to health and allows the hair to be better nourished and stronger, but above all it is good for the skull. It is a moment of relaxation and pleasure where all the nerve endings of the scalp are gently stimulated, deeply relaxed for overall well-being.

Did you know our adaptogenic beauty secret, Amla, which we have in La Beauté et La Chevelure, renowned for protecting and strengthening hair?

Pauline: I discovered adaptogenic plants and Amla by meeting Ehsane, founder of Hygée. I was immediately seduced by the global approach to well-being thought out within this brand. We meet many men and women every day with questions about hair and dietary supplements. What should you take to breathe new life into your hair? Which supplements really work? How to navigate within a rather plethoric offer to find the right balance? I find the Hygea answer extremely interesting!

Pauline, you tested our novelty, La Chevelure, what do you think of our formula and what benefits did you feel?

I have just started La Chevelure because I am convinced that a good treatment will allow my hair to benefit from all the benefits of summer, as regrowth accelerates, without a second thought! Coupled with brushing to keep my hair oxygenated and protected despite my incessant sea bathing, I'm sure to hold the unstoppable recipe for radiant hair!


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