We have tested the infrared sauna for you

by Anne-Laure, Communication Manager at Hygée

Belleyme Paris is the new place that offers a holistic vision of beauty and well-being. We interviewed Carla , its founder at the opening.

There is a sharp selection of brands of superfoods and food supplements including Hygée, a healthy coffee offering drinks and healthy pastries to take a gourmet break and finally the famous infrared sauna that I had the chance to test. And not to be the only one to enjoy it, a little surprise awaits you at the end of the article :)

What is the infrared sauna?

It is a sauna augmented with infrared waves which are beneficial to health and totally natural. They have the particularity of penetrating deep into the tissues and allow an intense purification of the body and the skin thanks to the elimination of toxins and heavy metals.

The big difference with a classic sauna lies in the heating system: the infrared waves penetrate directly into the body when a classic stove sauna heats the surrounding air. The elimination of toxins is much more intense and the metabolism is deeply stimulated.

What happens during a session ?

I am very well received by Carla who explains everything to me and I find myself in the changing room area which includes the cabin (solo or duo) and the shower. Once the first 2-3 minutes where I wonder what I will be able to do for 30 minutes, alone with myself, I fully immerse myself in the experience. Personally, I tried to practice a little meditation by concentrating on my breathing and letting my thoughts wander.

When I glanced at the timer, I was coming to the end of the 30 minutes feeling like I hadn't seen the time pass. When I go out, I hydrate myself well (Carla will have left you a carafe of ultra-refreshing lemon water), I go to the shower (everything necessary is provided) and I come out of there as if I came out of a bubble, the mind still a little elsewhere.

The advantage of the infrared sauna?

What is very pleasant is that it is a gentle heat (55° against 75° to 95° for a traditional sauna) which allows you to perform a 30-minute session without difficulty, where d 'ordinary, I always suffocate a little after 15 minutes.

What are the benefits felt after a session?

Immediately, we feel that the heat soothes and relaxes the muscles . At the end of the session, you feel a great fullness that lasts several hours. I also noticed a better muscular recovery I who had done an intense sports session the day before and a very restorative sleep the following night.

The benefits are numerous and also happen inside the body: stimulation of blood circulation and detoxification of the body , improvement of the quality of the skin ...

In short, I am conquered, the infrared sauna will become my new well-being ritual. After the complicated months we went through, it's a great way to take time for yourself and come out of there boosted and in a good mood.


Belleyme offers you 10% on your 1st sauna session with the code HYGEE10, to be entered at the time of payment on belleyme-paris.com

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