Meeting with Lilén Colle: the importance of detoxifying your body

Hello Lilén, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

I am a science-based naturopath and Reiki practitioner.

Having suffered from hormonal and digestive disorders when I was younger, I decided to leave the Parisian editorial world to train in naturopathy. I aspired to understand human physiology to relieve people in pain and in medical wandering, always with my primary intention: "docere", instruct and make my consultants autonomous. It's done !

You have launched your Detox programs, can you remind us of the benefits of detox on the body?

There is a plethora of them, among the main ones we note a real improvement in transit, radiant skin – no more itching and small pimples – better sleep, energy, a reduction in water retention, a feeling of deep well-being. Detox helps strengthen immunity, which is essential during the off-season to increase the body's ability to adapt.

Can you tell us about the role of emunctories and the lymphatic system, which come into play during detoxification?

Briefly, our organism contains 70% of liquids in contact with the blood and lymphatic currents. Our cells work properly provided that the liquids are clean and not overloaded with waste. The emunctories are exit doors, they are the kidneys, the lungs, the intestines, the skin. They take care to maintain physiological purity as best as possible by filtering waste and evacuating it. The liver is also considered as an emunctory but as the head which directs the toxins towards the adequate emunctory.

If there is a high quantity of waste, there is an emunctorial saturation and a lack of elimination. This results in cells that become impregnated with waste and no longer benefit from the cleanliness necessary for their operation.

In fact, during the detox, it is a question of helping the elimination of waste and relieving the liver which is no longer able to manage all of its functions.

What link can be made between lymph and immunity? What are the consequences of an engorged lymphatic system?

Lymph is a transparent liquid similar in composition to blood plasma. The lymph contains lymphocytes, agents of the immune system. They detect and protect the body from pathogens. When the lymphatic system is clogged, it is unable to fulfill its role. This congestion weakens the immune system, leaving the door open to chronic inflammatory diseases (eczema, arthritis…), a feeling of brain fog, PMS, headaches… The list goes on.

How did you discover adaptogenic plants and what benefits do you get from them?

I discovered adaptogenic plants thanks to my trip to Peru, signing the beginning of my consumption of Maca , and by my interest in phytotherapy. Adaptogenic herbs are truly beneficial wonders. They support the body by adapting to different types of stress. I love them to work on anxiety, chronic stress and of course to support deep detox processes.

Finally, what is your impression of Hygée products and how do you like to consume them on a daily basis?

Hygée products are of excellent quality, I like to come back to them and consume them as a cure in vegetable yoghurts or in my vegetable juices. Their ease of use and efficiency are among the reasons why I like to recommend them to my consultants.


Find Lilén on . You can sign up for its Pure Detox program, an in-depth detox for physiological renewal and true well-being.

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