Meeting with Susan Oubari, coach, Reiki Master, founder of Breath In Paris

Hello Susan, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

I am an American spiritual coach based in Paris, Breathwork Guide, Reiki Master, founder of Breathe in Paris and pioneer of Breathwork in France. I am also co-author of the book "Breathwork: Breathe to change" published in 2020.

I worked for 27 years in fashion, I was a photographer's agent. My value system was based on what I produced. I was very stressed, mother of 2 children, my husband traveled a lot and above all, I was angry.

It was thanks to my daughter, who developed anxiety tics around the age of 6, that I started to take an interest in Reiki and it was a revelation. It calmed me down, slowed me down and reconnected me to my daughter.

Then I discovered Breathwork in 2017. I often say that Reiki saved me and that Breathwork transformed me. It was the thing I needed in my toolbox. And from then on, my mission was to want to bring Breathwork to France and to make this practice known to as many people as possible.

What is Breathwork and your Breath in Paris method?

Breathwork is an active breathing method developed in the 1970s by psychiatrists to reproduce the effects of LSD. Breathwork brings together a set of breathing exercises.

The Breathwork that I teach is a conscious and connected breathing technique through the mouth in two stages: the first in the belly, the second in the high chest and which lasts 30 minutes.

My Breathe in Paris classes are based on 4 pillars: meditation, reiki, coaching and Breathwork, all with lively music.

What are the benefits felt?

Most people don't breathe properly and not deeply enough. Taking full breaths restores the balance between the sympathetic (fight/flight) and parasympathetic (relaxation/healing) nervous systems. This breathing exercise releases oxytocin while managing and calming cortisol.

Belly breathing unblocks energies and other stresses. The benefits are many:
- Better digestion: the practice makes it possible to massage the organs
- Better sleep
- It facilitates the detoxification process: breathing eliminates 70% of toxins from the body!
- It boosts immunity
- It improves physical performance and increases energy
- It reduces stress and anxiety
- It increases self-confidence and allows real emotional release

What are your other daily rituals to feel good?

I've had a morning ritual for 10-12 years: I meditate, I practice Reiki, I do Breathwork. I also try to visualize what I have to do in my day. And I always repeat the same prayer. I go to the sport, at least 6x a week.

In the evening, I am grateful for what happened in my day.

I'm a big believer in the powers of rituals. They allow you to anchor yourself. At the beginning, when you set up a new ritual, I think you have to show a lot of motivation and discipline, to be able to repeat it for 21 days and make it a habit. On the other hand, once you get used to it, I think you have to know how to be flexible, it shouldn't be blocking and it's ok if you skip your ritual from time to time.

To anchor a new ritual, I like to advise associating it with an existing practice: for example, meditating when brushing my teeth. It's much easier to include it in your daily life this way. It is also important to be in the same place, and at the same time to ritualize.

Otherwise, I take vitamins, I'm also a fan of anti-stress adaptogenic plants like Griffonia or Rhodiola because even if I practice Breathwork, I have an anxious temperament and it's good to get a little help . I am an entrepreneur, I have to speak in front of groups, it helps me manage my stress.

My body is my temple and I am very into stress prevention. And when the stress is already installed, I learn to welcome it and to express my emotions so as not to bury anything.


Find Susan on and on @susan.oubari as well as during his collective Breathe in Paris sessions via Zoom or face-to-face: at the Element Center or at L'Usine Saint-Lazare. Also in individual session in his private studio in Paris or via Zoom.

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