How to fight winter depression?

Winter depression, or seasonal affective disorder, is characterized by a reduced level of energy, a depressed mood, an increased need for sleep or an increased appetite.

To cheer you up, we give you some tips to fight against the winter blues.

The sport

Practiced at least twice a week, it helps you sleep better, it strengthens your immunity and above all, it releases endorphins which improve mood. You have certainly experienced it: we are generally more awake and in a better mood after a workout . And if you're not very into cardio, you can try the infrared sauna which allows you to sweat and evacuate toxins.

Light therapy

Go out for a walk as soon as the sun comes up. Exposing yourself to the sun for 15 to 20 minutes a day is already enough to benefit from its benefits (better mood, better sleep).


Vitamin D, which is formed in the skin by sunlight, provides our brain with serotonin. When it becomes more difficult to synthesize it because of the lack of light, it is necessary to opt for a diet rich in vitamin D: fatty fish, eggs, dairy products, meat. It can also be found in foods of plant origin such as avocado or mushrooms.

Food supplements

In order to promote the production of serotonin and avoid slack, we have designed the Vitality & Mood Pack . A Pack that combines tonic adaptogenic plants, Ginseng, Maca associated with Griffonia, which contains 5-HTP to fill your serotonin levels. This Pack helps you boost your good mood, even in winter, and reduce your fatigue. Mood Vitality Pack


Not easy with teleworking and the current context, but make yourself a little program to motivate yourself. While it's tempting to hibernate on your couch, it's a good idea to stay active and maintain your social contacts. Loved ones are the best cure for the winter blues.

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