7 tips for better coping with pre-menstrual syndrome

Pre-menstrual syndrome affects a large majority of women and often manifests itself through both emotional and physical symptoms: headaches, irritability, lack of energy, cramps, food cravings, acne...

How to better live this complicated period? We share some tips with you.

Take care of yourself

Our first advice: listen to yourself! It's time to indulge yourself and be a little less demanding of yourself. Take time for yourself and do things you love.

Take care of your diet

It's not easy not to be overwhelmed by our cravings during this period... Yet a balanced diet can really act on pain!

Promote foods rich in Omega-3, which allow good transit. Also provide enough vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, by consuming fish, fruits and vegetables. Magnesium, potassium and vitamin E are also interesting: legumes, bananas, dried apricots, oilseeds, seeds...

It is important to consume iron because heavy periods can cause a deficiency.

Drink plenty of water to avoid bloating and the feeling of water retention.

Avoid eating too much sugar because it is pro-inflammatory and it may increase pain.

Promote slow sugars to stay in shape throughout the day. If the cravings for fat and sugar are stronger, try to opt for healthy alternatives: snack balls , dates, oilseed purees, Nordic bread, avocado, granola, cookie, homemade rawnie , etc.

Better manage your anxiety

By taking dietary supplements, including our L'Équilibre adaptogenic drops to better manage mood swings, limit the blues and sleep better. But also our La Sérénité adaptogenic powder to better manage stress and calm the body and mind.

Anti stress

We have also released a supplement dedicated to women:Le Féminin which significantly reduces PMS disorders: pain, irritability, fatigue, digestive disorders.


You can also turn to meditation to clear your mind and take care of your mind.

bring warmth

The essential ally for your cramps and back pain. Heat has vasodilating and anti-inflammatory effects: this is why the hot water bottle can provide real comfort. There are now hot water bottles suitable for this purpose that you can take with you everywhere.

A hot bath with some soothing essential oils (lavender, chamomile) can also do you good.

Play sports

This is not the period when you are most motivated, you generally feel bad about your body and you lack energy, but sport is nevertheless a great ally in reducing spasms and kidney pain. Sport will help oxygenate your body and activate circulation in the lower abdomen and thus reduce pain.

You can turn to gentle sports: yoga (downward facing dog position), Pilates or do stretching sessions.

Be comfortable in your body

This is the time to opt for comfortable clothes, in which you will feel good. Also ask yourself the question of the protections you use. There are now plenty of alternatives (cup, menstrual panties) that can be a real plus for better living your cycles.

A good night's sleep

We often notice that the few days before the arrival of the rules, it is difficult to sleep. Sleeping between 8 and 9 hours before our period and during this period makes you feel much better. Re-discover our 10 tips for better sleep .

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