How to use them?

🥄 1 teaspoon per day for Serenity and 18 drops per day for Balance, preferably in 2 doses, morning and evening (you can take them together or separately in the same day)
☕ Ideal in your tea, coffee, smoothie, yogurt or breakfast bowl

⚡ For long-lasting and powerful effects, you can extend the cure for up to 3 months

In addition

These products could also interest you to act in a more holistic way.

All our products are complementary and can be consumed together for tenfold effects.

🛡 Immunity: helps and supports the body's natural defences

☀ The Hair: densifies, strengthens and repairs the hair, and prepares it for exposure to the sun

🧘‍♀️ The Feminine: supports the hormonal balance and helps to better live your PMS or your menopause

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