Meeting with Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, naturopath, chef and founder of "La Guinguette d'Angèle"

Hello Angèle, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in a few words?

I am a cook and a naturopath, I like to eat, feel good and do both at the same time!

I write cookbooks and I am at the head of “La Guinguette d'Angèle”, a 100% feminine club whose aim is precisely to do yourself good while eating!

Where does this passion for cooking come from? How would you describe your kitchen?

I have always loved to eat and it was while growing up that I discovered the pleasure of cooking.

My cooking is joyful, healthy, lively and gourmet (yes yes! it can go together).

What advice would you give to those who wish to turn to a healthier, vegetable or gluten-free diet?

Already, to rejoice in this transition, to take it as an opportunity, a renewal.

There is so much to discover among cereals (buckwheat, millet, kamuth, red quinoa, black rice, amaranth...), legumes (coral lentils, black beans, split peas, mogettes...). Vegetables, fruits and seeds do not talk about it!

I would tell them to have fun discovering this new language, these different textures, powders, creams etc.

What are your best naturopath tips?

Eat as much as possible in conscience, in season, organic, limit acidifying products (industrial products, meats, dairy products, gluten, coffees, cigarettes, alcohols, refined sugars. And drugs of course! But you don't need to me to tell you).

Go all out on good raw oils, lacto-fermentation, vegetable juices, superfoods (Hygée of course!)

Oh yes and chew too!

Do you have morning or evening rituals to feel good in body and mind?

Oh yeah, and I notice that when I don't, I get rusty and a bit grumpy all day.

I take each morning as a renewal, a new chance to start from scratch!

Ideally (I really give you the ideal huh! that's not everyday reality, otherwise I'd be brighter, fine, good in my sneakers blah blah blah, but I hold on to them as best as I can !)

I start by stretching in my bed, eyes still closed, formulating a thought for my day.

Then (without saying a single word) I dry brush my whole body, take an icy shower (sometimes I scream but normally I shouldn't).

I do a session (or mini session) of Kundalini yoga. Yes, I have the right to open my mouth because I sing mantras “aaaaaaddddd suchhhhh juggar suchhhh” etc…

Then I make myself a mouthwash with sesame oil while breathing the air from the bowl of jackfruit air, I apply rose oil to myself (ahaha yes I was still quite naked in fact!)

I get dressed, I take a big glass of superfood with lots of great stuff (including the Hygée powder, currently L'Énergie , I finished my La Détox powder last week).

And there, the day can finally begin!

Finally, what is your impression of Hygée products and how do you like to consume them?

I love them !

I consume them in a large glass of water with lemon juice, or in a smoothie, in vegetable milk or yoghurt for a more gourmet side, I have even sprinkled them on a salad, a soup or dishes!


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