Meeting with Aurélia Del Sol, the solar creator of Face Soul Yoga

Hello Aurélia, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

My name is Aurélia Del Sol, I'm 33 years old and I just came back from 2 years in Australia! :) I lived in Sydney and then in Byron Bay, that's where I really got into yoga and specialized in facial yoga .

Before that, I had several lives. With a double master's degree in Communication and Marketing in my pocket, I started working at Orange in events, then at Mazarine as a project manager. At the same time, I created the blog "Je suis Bonne" (to relearn how to be good for yourself) and I co-founded "Chez Simone", the apartment that wants you well.

I have always listened to my intuition and my heart which have guided me towards new projects, new adventures.

A little over a year ago, I was in the dark, in a big questioning of my "why", my desires, my choices after 10 intense and eventful professional years. It was in this inner calm and closer to my vulnerability, dropping the mask and removing my layers of protection that I found myself.

I specialized in facial yoga, a discovery that was a "game changer" for me and that I wanted to share with those around me. This is how "Face Soul Yoga" was born.

You are the creator of the Face Soul Yoga method, how did you come up with the idea and can you tell us more about your method?

I created this method because I had big problems with jaws, bruxism. Despite several treatments, the problem persisted. It was then that I discovered facial yoga, which immediately reduced the pain associated with jaw clenching.

Facial yoga acts on the aging of the skin in depth through precise and targeted gestures. It is a 100% natural method to keep or regain a young, healthy and luminous face.

A method that harmonizes Your Mind, Your Body, Your Soul.

By using yoga, and more particularly facial yoga, you regain self-confidence, you reconnect to your heart, to your intuition, to yourself! We reconnect through touch, movement. We find our own Energy, our Aura, our Glow.

What are the key gestures that you recommend to get into facial yoga?

There are a few fairly simple exercises to include in your routine without feeling "overwhelmed".

- The big O will activate microcirculation throughout the face and tone the skin.

- The Hamster (swelling of the cheeks) will lift the cheekbones and tone them (the naso-labial wrinkles will be softer).

- Finally Tapping (tapping lightly with the fingertips all over the face) will help boost collagen and elastin and soothe stress.

What is your daily wellness routine?

I'm always for " Less is more ": a big glass of hot lemon water in the morning, tongue scraping to eliminate toxins accumulated during the night, a big splash of ice water on the face to tone the skin and wake up and finish all my showers (yes, even in winter!) with cold for 2/3 minutes. Finally, jump for 1 minute on the spot to wake up the whole body and circulate the energy: a guaranteed boost!

And your feel good detox trick that works every time?

Intermittent fasting. I hate diets or restrictions because it stresses the body and causes the opposite effect (lower morale, increased stress, skin that goes into a spin...) unlike fasting which I practice as soon as I feel the need (I have dinner early and I don't eat breakfast). In 2 days, I regain my energy and I feel "lighter".

Finally, what is your impression of Hygée products and how do you consume them?

I discovered adaptogenic powders before Christmas and I'm a fan, especially of the new La Détox , which has a great taste and helps ease the liver and digestion.

Super practical, I put them with my oat milk in my Milk Froster then I mix either with my coffee or my tea. Very easy to use and the benefits felt are fast.


Find Aurélia on her Instagram account HereComesDelSol . Aurélia will be live on Hygée's Instagram account on Tuesday January 26, at 7 p.m., for a face yoga class.

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