How to accompany a Detox cure?

Detox, what is it?

This is the drainage which directs towards the emunctories (organs of elimination: kidneys, liver, intestines, skin, lungs ) the waste which clogs our organism.

These wastes come from the toxins produced by our body (urea, uric acid, lactic acid, carbon dioxide etc.). But it can also be external toxins (pollution, chemicals, pesticides, food additives, tobacco, drugs, etc.).

Cellular fouling is responsible for many ailments : chronic fatigue, lowered immunity, inflammation, weight gain, skin problems, etc.

The drainage and therefore the elimination of this waste, allows the body to be thoroughly cleaned so that it functions better.

At Hygée, we have designed the La Détox formula. Schisandra and Desmodium, the main active ingredients of this powder, are traditionally recognized and used to detoxify the body.


It increases the overall resistance of the body and protects the liver, stimulates hepatic drainage functions and promotes digestion and the elimination of toxins.

How to accompany your treatment? By adopting small simple gestures on a daily basis that we detail for you right here.

Run away from the exciting

As we know, coffee and tea generate intense but very short-lived energy peaks. They cause, at the same time, big blows of fatigue . Why ? Caffeine and theine limit the absorption of iron, a micro-nutrient essential for transporting oxygen in the blood. Iron deficiency therefore leads to fatigue, a decrease in physical strength, palpitations.

Now is the time to take a short break and find alternatives (herbal teas, matcha, chai, chicory, golden latte, cocoa latte , etc.)

Adaptogens, for example, have a regulating and balancing effect on the organism and act in a bidirectional way to strengthen or calm it according to its current state. Unlike these stimulants, there are no "up & down" effects but rather a stable and lasting action, throughout the day.

As for alcohol, another notorious stimulant, it is a source of toxins (and calories) that overloads the liver and hinders its proper functioning. To consume with moderation ! :)

Goodbye sugar, hello vegetables!

Opt for a lighter and more balanced diet. The key is to reduce your consumption of fats, sugars and processed or overly acidifying industrial products and to increase your consumption of vegetables , which are rich in fiber and useful for good digestion. And if they are green, even better! Think of fruit and vegetable juices and especially chew slowly .

Water is your best friend

If there's only one thing to do, it's this: drink water!

During the cooler seasons, thirst is less felt and yet the liver and kidneys need to be drained. It is necessary to drink about 2 liters of water a day to help these emunctory organs to discharge the toxins that encumber them.

It is essential to be well hydrated in the morning, on an empty stomach, to finish this detoxification work carried out by your body during the night. A large glass of lukewarm water is ideal, you can add a few drops of lemon, alkaline and stimulating, and/or cider vinegar, whose benefits on digestion are remarkable (because they are loaded with probiotics ).

For the rest of the day, you fill your water bottle and keep it close to you to think about it. And if you have trouble with pure water, try herbal teas or infused waters, with ginger for example, an excellent diuretic ingredient. ;)

Take a deep breath!

Breathing, among other benefits, oxygenates the blood in an optimal way and helps the cells to release the various wastes that clutter them. Did you know that 70% of toxins and waste in our body are rejected by the lungs !

We therefore try deep breathing and mindfulness to take advantage of its detox effects. Cross-legged, head up and shoulders down, breathe through your nose only. When inhaling, inflate the belly and when exhaling hollow the belly. Repeating these breathing cycles while trying to empty your thoughts will allow maximum oxygenation of your organs, boost your energy and relieve stress and tension.

Adopt the groundhog rhythm

Try to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night . The quality of sleep is essential to regenerate the body's cells.

Our body cannot digest and cleanse itself at the same time. And the priority goes to digestion. This is why by having an early and light dinner, you give your body the energy and the time available to carry out the detoxification.

You can also try intermittent fasting . This is to reduce the time interval during which one feeds in order to leave a greater cleaning period available. The ideal is to reduce this interval to 8h (12h-20h for example).

Finally, a very effective little grandmother's remedy: the hot water bottle ! Place it near your liver, a true detoxification powerhouse, about twenty minutes after your meals, this will facilitate drainage.


Sport is the best way to detoxify the body . The perspiration and sebum evacuated will allow the skin to eliminate its waste. For those who are not very into cardio, active walking is already a good way to activate and yoga or pilates exercises allow you to work precisely on the internal organs. Also think about abdominal breathing or stomach vacuum for example.

2 other tips to promote elimination: hammam sessions for sweating and dry brushing practiced daily to activate lymphatic circulation.

keep calm

Stress is one of the main sources of toxins in our body without us necessarily realizing it. These toxins are responsible in particular for the production of free radicals , these molecules which attack our cells and cause them to age prematurely. We focus on antioxidants , present in all Hygée powders, which actively fight against these free radicals. And of course, we stock up on adaptogens, anti-stress plants par excellence.

Take a walk, get some fresh air, do relaxing activities that you enjoy (watching your ceiling counts), run away from anxiety-provoking news (or Instagram accounts), try guided meditation or facial yoga , which helps activate the lymph , relaxation guaranteed!


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