Beauty Food: 10 star ingredients for a glowing complexion!

by Josephine Gorron

What if the beauty of our skin was played out on our plate? Scientific studies show that our eating habits have a major role in protecting our organs, including our skin!

Here are 10 families of foods to add to your shopping list to take care of you and your skin. To your pens!

1. Nuts and almonds

Walnuts and almonds are a good source of essential fatty acids. They are rich in omega-3, flavonoids and vitamin E. omega-3 reduces inflammation in your body, including your skin. flavonoids help limit the impact on the skin of oxidative stress caused by smoking and pollution. Vitamin E protects cell membranes.

A handful a day and you'll have smooth, plumped skin!

2. Lenses

The whole legume family and lentils in particular are an excellent source of protein and iron. They actively participate in the good health of your cells and therefore of your skin.

Enjoy them as a side dish, in a soup or in your homemade vegetable steaks.

3. Fruits and vegetables

The carotenoids contained in plants have antioxidant properties that will protect the skin from free radicals. They are found in orange fruits and vegetables but also green vegetables. Also, do not hesitate to consume fruits and vegetables full of water (tomato, zucchini, cucumber, melon, etc.). They will maintain good hydration in addition to the daily 1.5L of water.

Fruits and vegetables are the stars of our plates, 5 servings a day, minimum!

4. Chia and flax seeds

Small seeds, of course! But great richness in omega-3 and fiber. A good balance omega-6/omega-3 would limit the appearance of acne and eczema. In addition, the fibers allow an increase in the feeling of satiety.

Consume chia seeds in the form of pudding, in smoothies or as a substitute for eggs in plant-based pastries. Finally, don’t forget to grind flax seeds for optimal absorption. Then, sprinkle them in your daily dishes.

5. Lawyers

This green gold contains several virtues, and for good reason! Rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants, it would help reduce “bad” cholesterol and slow down skin aging.

To be consumed in moderation (let's be eco-friendly) but with pleasure in salads, on toast or even with a spoon...

6. Oily fish

For overall skin health, oily fish are ideal. Their richness in omega-3 is interesting for keeping your skin supple and hydrated. In addition, zinc would regulate inflammation and improve cell regeneration.

Ideally, twice a week for a good boost!

7. Green tea

Rich in catechins (powerful antioxidant), it would protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It would also improve hydration, thickness and elasticity of the skin.

You'll never miss tea time again!

8. Vegetable oils

Cell membranes play a very important role in the softness, radiance and suppleness of the skin. They require quality essential fatty acids. You will find it in rapeseed, walnut, linseed and olive oil.

Be careful with the use and storage of certain oils which do not support cooking and which must be stored in the refrigerator due to their high content of omega-3 (rapeseed oil, nuts and flax)

9. Red fruits

Berries are not only delicious, they have exceptional anti-aging power. Their richness in vitamin C allows a good production of collagen, responsible for the elasticity of the skin. On top of that, red fruits, like grapes, contain polyphenols, powerful antioxidants.

A little red fruit every day, to delight our taste buds!

10. Antioxidant-rich adaptogenic herbs

I couldn't finish this article without telling you about our favorite plants! Among them, for example, Goji and Amla berries, to be found in La Beauté.

Goji berries, real vitamin bombs, are energizing and revitalizing for the skin. Amla is THE beauty reference in Ayurveda. Recognized for its benefits on the skin, it will illuminate your complexion and strengthen your hair. By the way, for the record, the Indians traditionally use it directly as a mask on their (looongs) hair. At Hygée, we found it easier to consume it as a smoothie 😊

Beauty Food is taking care of your skin differently, through food. So eat varied and colorful!

Let's end on a high note with a little mantra, to be repeated without moderation, “when I feel good, I look good”.


Dietitian - Nutritionist in a private practice, Joséphine is also passionate about yoga and meditation. Convinced that taking care of yourself through diet and physical effort are the keys to good health and general fulfillment, Joséphine offers her patients comprehensive support based on mindfulness and respect for the body.


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