The importance of renewing your course of food supplements

Why renew your cure?

A single dose contained in a food supplement is not enough to be effective. To benefit from the desired effects, regular intake is strongly recommended. Our food supplements have 100% natural compositions with active ingredients that are good allies for treating certain problems: stress, fatigue, bloating, sleep disorders, skin or inflammation problems, hair loss. , etc. 

Whether it is to boost your energy level, your concentration or your mood, purify your skin or your body, strengthen your immune defences, reduce feminine disorders or find serenity, an association of Hygée adaptogens exists. They work in synergy and there is no risk of overdose. That's the power of adaptogenic herbs ! 

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How to succeed in your treatment?
Doing a cure is not difficult in itself, but there are some precautions to take into account as well as habits to put in place to optimize its effectiveness. 

The first key is regularity in taking supplements. It is important to follow the indicated dosage while respecting the dosage and time of each intake during the day or evening. If you forget to take your supplement every other day, the cure may be less effective. 

It is precisely for this reason that we have set up the subscription. You will thus never be out of order again and you will be able to renew your cures and benefit from lasting effects over the long term. 

 The advantages of the subscription :
- You automatically receive your favorite products at home
- You save 15% on your treatment
- You'll never run out of products again
- The subscription is non-binding , so you can cancel at any time! 

Find our dedicated subscription page . 

The second key is to do a long treatment for lasting results. At Hygée, the best result is to do a 3-month cure to benefit from a real “therapeutic window” . Even better, take a 2- week break after the 3-month cure and start again as soon as you feel the need. 

The third key is to follow a healthy and balanced diet , your body will better assimilate the active ingredients of the supplement. Being healthy with a good diet can only help. 

At Hygée, although all adaptogens help your body cope with the challenges it may encounter on a daily basis, each adaptogen has a unique profile and an incredible set of properties. Some are more uplifting (like Ginseng or Maca), some are more balancing (like Ashwagandha), some are more calming and soothing (like Reishi or Holy Basil) while others are packed with antioxidants ( like Amla). As powerful as adaptogens are, they are obviously not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle which should be the foundation of your health and well-being, including getting good sleep, a varied and balanced diet and being active. regular physical. 

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The precautions to take

The definition of a dietary supplement
According to Article 2 of Decree No. 2006-352, a food supplement is a foodstuff which constitutes a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect. Food supplements consist of vitamins and minerals, substances for nutritional or physiological purposes, plants or plant preparations (DGCCRF). Food supplements are not drugs but above all nutrients. 

Take the time to read the label of the dietary supplement to make sure it is right for you. If you are undergoing treatment, are pregnant or breastfeeding, always seek the advice of a healthcare professional before starting treatment. 

If you have any doubts, you can also talk to your pharmacist. For our food supplements, you can ask us your questions directly via our website or by email at . 

Finally, a multitude of food supplements are not suitable for children. At Hygée, we recommend our food supplements from the age of 12.  

We wish you good cures! 

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