Interview with Ehsane Cassam-Chenaï, the founder of Hygée

For Hygée's birthday, Ehsane, our founder, took part in the interview game. It answers the questions you often ask us.

How was Hygea born?

I grew up surrounded by many pharmacists and my parents are entrepreneurs in cosmetics. And I'm also of Indian origin, functional food has always been part of my daily life without me really realizing it (thank you my grandmothers!). I have therefore been immersed in the world of well-being since I was little.

When I entered working life, I began to have small imbalances. I couldn't really find a solution in conventional medicine, where the symptoms are often “mechanically” treated more than the underlying causes. By putting a little order in my lifestyle and some food supplements in support, I quickly noticed a better feeling. By talking around me, I realized that we were much in the same situation, with, each time, stress as the main source of the different imbalances (sleep, energy, skin/hair, digestion, etc.) .

I then met Régis Meyronet, chiropractor and nutritionist, nervous system specialist, who has since become my scientific advisor. We have identified adaptogens as the best ingredients for combating stress and the often chronic discomfort it causes. Hygea was born!

Where does the name Hygea come from?

In Greek mythology, Hygea represents preserved health and symbolizes preventive medicine. Like this Greek goddess, Hygea's vocation is to raise awareness and prevent rather than cure.

For the record, Hygée was originally just a code name, but so appreciated that we kept it!

Why did you choose adaptogenic plants?

Because they are fascinating! These are plants, berries, mushrooms, roots used since the dawn of time in traditional Indian, Chinese and Amerindian medicine that increase the body's resistance to the stresses it can undergo and help it to regain its natural balance (homeostasis ). They therefore have an incredible ability to bring the body and mind back to a state of deep well-being. They have a non-specific generalized action, a regulating and balancing effect and above all, their use is safe, without addiction or side effects. We can really talk about plants with superpowers ;)

And why products in powder form?

Our products are in fact in the form of organic, vegan and 100% natural plant powder, to be mixed with your daily rituals (tea, coffee, smoothie, breakfast bowl, etc.).

The powder seemed to us to be a natural (minimal transformation), effective (assimilated with food) and fun (to mix with what we like!) way of consuming adaptogenic plants.

We also wanted Hygée customers to be actors in their well-being. Encouraging our customers to "activate" their food in a simple gesture by mixing the powders into their rituals allowed us to stick perfectly to this vision.

Finally, it is an innovative mode of consumption that is very popular with people who have difficulty with capsules, for example.

How are the products made?

It all starts with the “field” and the needs of future users. This allows you to come up with an idea of ​​the product you want to develop and the associated benefits.

We make it a point of honor to develop active formulas that is to say effective, without superfluous ingredients, very concentrated. For this, we spend long hours with Régis, our scientific expert, going through all the bibliography available to select the best combinations of adaptogenic plants and ingredients possible, those that have been proven.

Then comes our other major concern: the quality of the formulas.

We select only responsibly sourced ingredients. We work with our suppliers according to strict specifications: environmental, social and local respect, concentration of active ingredients, extraction methods, etc.

Our products do not contain any excipients or other controversial ingredients.

Once the final formulation and the sourcing are complete, the plants are transformed into powders in our partner laboratory located in Montélimar, in the Drôme. W e do what are called 'benchtop' tests. All the formulas are tested in microbiological analysis but also on the taste, the appearance of the product etc. We leave nothing to chance.

Once everything is validated, we finally move on to manufacturing.

How to use cures?

We have designed basic synergistic formulas (the combination of adaptogenic plants associated with prebiotics and antioxidants) but also synergistic between them. It is often advised to mix the cures for tenfold effects. For instance :

- Energy x Serenity to perfectly regulate your level of energy and relaxation

- Immunity x Serenity to reduce all types of inflammation

- Beauty x Detox for skin problems


And you, how do you like to eat them?

I like to say that at Hygée, pleasure is serious business! We design food supplements but we do not advocate an ultra healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, the products are also there to restore a little balance and compensate for the little pleasures of life. All that to say that I like to consume powders in gourmet recipes like in a Moon Milk , a drink that I have always known at home long before it became a trend, in a smoothie, on my morning granola or even in Snack Balls before my tennis matches for example.

Finally, what's next for Hygea?

Hygée is celebrating its 1 year and we are delighted with the welcome from customers who are very receptive to our products. Our desire is to register Hygée as a reference brand in the world of food supplements and to make as many people as possible aware of gentle and natural care. To do this, we are going to develop new products and new ranges, partnerships, and be present in new points of sale in the coming months. Beautiful projects await us!

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