Reishi: everything you need to know about this adaptogenic mushroom

The powerful medicinal properties of mushrooms no longer need to be demonstrated, as evidenced by their millennial use as a healing food, across continents and cultures.

Reishi , also known as ' Ling zhi ', is one of the best known and most studied adaptogenic mushrooms in the world.

As a reminder, adaptogens are a category of plants, berries, mushrooms, capable of increasing the body's resistance to the stress it can undergo and of strengthening it. In other words, an adaptogenic plant protects us from the harmful effects of stress, while increasing our physical and mental capacities!

Reishi, where does it come from?

Discovered centuries ago, this fungus is native to the mountain forests of Asia. It enjoys a great reputation in traditional Chinese medicine, it is even mentioned in the oldest writing of the Chinese pharmacopoeia.

It is considered a tonic for Qi, the vital energy that supports the whole body.

What are its benefits ?

Reishi is presented as the mushroom of longevity or immortality. It is traditionally used to give a boost of vitality and strengthen immunity thanks to its powerful natural active ingredients. It contains in fact polysaccharides, peptidoglycans and triterpenes which have a strong antioxidant power and an immuno-modulatory activity.

And this is where Reishi is particularly interesting: it is as effective in strengthening the immune system as it is in tempering the actions of an overly reactive immunity (allergies and immune diseases, etc.).

In addition, this exceptional mushroom also fights against viral diseases and has valuable neuroprotective properties that protect our brain, increase our cognitive abilities and contribute to the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

Finally, thanks to its adaptogenic action, it is also used to help reduce stress and fatigue and improve sleep.

When and how to consume it?

Reishi is interesting at seasonal changes and during periods of stress or fatigue. We particularly recommend it during the winter, to avoid colds and at the onset of spring for those who are prone to spring allergies .

You can find Reishi in our Immunity formula. Anti-inflammatory powder accompanied by Astragalus, this product boosts immune defences, increases vitality, reduces inflammation and prevents allergies.

At Hygée, we attach particular importance to the sourcing of our ingredients.
Our scientific team draws on extensive research and all the bibliography available to carefully choose the ingredients present in the formulas. As they are not all equal, we always favor the best extracts (those with the best concentration of active substance) and the best plants (the best picked and preserved) so as to offer the best of nature.

In a spoonful of Immunity, there is 500mg of Reishi which makes it a very concentrated product in active ingredient compared to existing products on the market. We also add superfoods and prebiotics so that these active ingredients are perfectly assimilated by our body (we speak of “bioavailability”).  

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