5 tips for effective revising

How to revise effectively without being overwhelmed by fatigue and stress? Hygea gives you some advice.


Our body loves habits. It is therefore a question of adopting a regular rhythm to revise. And this is also valid for weekends and days off: sleeping in can make you feel jet lag! On the other hand, it is important to know how to dose your effort and to take regular breaks at the risk of impacting your memory and your abilities. For this, you can try the Pomodoro method. It is a time management technique that defines work periods (25 min) and breaks (5 min). A method that invites you to focus intensely on one task at a time.


This is not wasted time on your revisions! The practice of sport allows you to let off steam and ventilate your brain. It significantly reduces anxiety and promotes sleep (unless the practice takes place late at night). It stimulates and puts you in a good mood. So don't deprive yourself of it! Find our article on the best adaptogenic plants for athletes .


Review yes but without encroaching on your hours of sleep to last over time. We aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. In case of fatigue, you can test the micro-nap. The best thing is to fall asleep in an armchair rather than in your bed, with an object in your hand. As soon as it escapes us, we wake up. No risk of going for a 1 hour nap and waking up even more tired with this technique.


We favor a hearty and preferably protein breakfast. Unlike sugary breakfasts, it helps to avoid cravings and to have a clear mind. We “feed” our brain with good fats. Do not hesitate to read our article: foods for a top brain !

We try to avoid nibbling – at the risk of being in permanent digestion and drowsiness – and stimulants that give false boosts. Finally, no heavy and greasy meals in the evening, which will prevent you from having a restful sleep.


To boost your energy or your cognitive functions while containing your stress, consider adaptogens , to be consumed as a cure, preferably one or two months before the start of your exams / deadlines. At Hygée, we have formulated products highly concentrated in active ingredients and effective quickly, so you can also consume them a few days before and during your exams.

Ginseng and Maca to boost your intellectual performance and be in constant shape: to be found in L'Énergie . Ginkgo Biloba and Centella Asiatica to boost brain activity and cognitive functions: to be found in La Concentration . Aswagandha and Sacred Basil to maintain inner calm and restful sleep: to be found in La Sérénité . To couple with magnesium, a little homeopathy or essential oils if necessary.

And as a bonus, to avoid getting sick on D-Day, you can take the lead by opting for Reishi and Astragalus-based Immunity . To be combined, why not, with Ravintsara essential oil.

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Good luck everyone !

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